About Us

We at Multi Task Minds International Institute of Management would like to emulate the same international standards in education that we have personally experienced whilst the completion of our Masters degree in the UK. We would like to ensure that our students walk away feeling more confident in their lives and achieve great heights of success in any career that they choose. We have seen several hurdles when residing in the UK but with sheer determination and hard work

we have strived to reach the pinnacle in our careers. Through the use of high-end technology and radical techniques we would like to deliver lessons that inspire students and leave a lasting impression in their minds. We would create history by offering services that are beyond the imagination of our contemporaries and raise the benchmark for all personality development institutions.

Multi Task Minds is rapidly growing under the professional management and able guidance of experienced promoters. The promoters are members of the Management team of the University College of Commerce and Business Management. Multi Task Minds have set up a ladder for students and professionals to overcome inferiority complex and move ahead on the corporate ladder.

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